We are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency to provide Housing & Debt services from our office in Wood Green.

  1. Housing & Debt cases which are in scope of legal aid, include:
    -Homelessness or the threat of homelessness.
    -Possession proceedings
    -Proceedings for eviction of the individual or others.
    -Bankruptcy proceedings where the person’s estate includes the individual’s home (but not if the individual presented the petition for bankruptcy themselves).
    -Unlawful eviction
    -Deficiencies in a rented home – but only in order to secure repair/remedial works in circumstances where the deficiency poses a serious risk of harm to the health or safety of the tenant and/or their family
    -Mortgage possession proceedings
  2. Exceptional case funding

If your case is outside of the scope of legal aid, it may be possible to seek a determination for exceptional case funding. You may have a right to civil legal aid if a denial would amount to a breach your Convention rights within the meaning of the Human Rights Act 1998, or because you have an enforceable right to such services under EU law.