‘How to rent’ Guide updated

The ‘How to rent’ guide was updated on 26th June 2018, and the latest version is dated 6th July 2018.

The Deregulation Act makes it a requirement to give the most up to date Guide to tenants of a new AST for any subsequent s21 Notice to be valid. Since this Guide has now been updated it means it has to be provided to tenants on any ‘renewal [of their] tenancy’ – even though such tenants were served with the previous version.

Landlords and agents are required to serve a hard copy of the Guide upon the tenant, unless the tenant agrees to receive this via email as a PDF attachment. This will usually be where the tenant has notified the landlord, or a person acting on behalf of the landlord, of an e-mail address at which the tenant is content to accept service of notices and other documents given under or in connection with the tenancy, by e-mail.



The ‘How to rent’ can be downloaded from THIS LINK